Talya Levine

Cuban Salsa



About Talya Levine

Talya Levine is an assistant instructor with Rueda Con Ritmo. She who began dancing Rueda de Casino at 17 years old when she accidentally stumbled into an RCR class, and immediately fell in love! Since then, Talya has traveled to Cuba three times (twice with RCR) to immerse herself in Cuban dance and theater, performing in Havana, Santiago, and Holguín. Talya has also studied many other styles of dance since early childhood, with a focus on Belly Dance, Hip Hop, and Jazz. When Talya is not dancing, she is acting, on screen and on stage, and has studied acting at CalArts in LA and NYU’s Stonestreet Studios. Ever the California girl, Talya feels the need to say that she is STOKED to be teaching Rueda!