Yolande Sterling

Haitian Folkloric



About Yolande Sterling

A lover of all forms of dance, Yolande Sterling has been an avid student of Haitian folkloric dance since 2008. She has studied and danced with veteran dancers and educators such as Blanche Brown, Michelle Martin and Portsha Jefferson. Ms. Sterling has traveled to Haiti on several occasions to experience the culture first hand by traveling to various parts of the country as well as learning from dance and song instructors at the Ecole Nationale des Arts (ENARTS). Ms. Sterling joined Rara Tou Limen (RTL) in January 2014 and has been fortunate enough to travel and perform with the company both in the Bay Area and internationally in Haiti and Montreal Canada. She also participated in the 2017 cultural exchange tour to Havana Cuba where RTL collaborated with a renowned Cuban Folkloric company to explore the connection between Haitian and Cuban-Haitian dance. In 2019, Ms. Sterling had the opportunity to visit Benin West Africa with RTL and witness first hand the connection between the Beninese and Haitian cultures through dance, song and Vodou. In keeping with her love of folkloric dance, Ms. Sterling has performed with the Afro-Cuban folkloric company Grupo Nago Experimental under the guidance of Artistic Director Temistocles Fuentes Betancourt. She has also studied with and danced in San Francisco Carnaval with Afro-Brazilian dancer/choreography Tania Santiago, Artistic Director of Aguas da Bahia Dance Company. Yolande is passionate about Haitian dance as well as the rhythms and rituals that embody the culture.