Halima Marshall

Haitian Folkloric



About Halima Marshall

Halima Marshall is a recent recipient of the 2020 Alliance of California Traditional Arts (ACTA) Apprenticeship with mentor Portsha Jefferson. She was first introduced to Haitian dance at St. Mary’s College in 1995 by Blanche Brown, Haitian dance instructor and director of then Group Petit La Croix. Years later, her desire to learn more technique, rhythms, and the intricacies of their connection led her to Dance Mission in San Francisco where she took classes with instructor Michelle Martin. In 2007, Halima first performed with Portsha Jefferson at the inception of Rara Tou Limen (RTL) prior to joining the dance company. Since that time she has performed the colorful and emotion-filled storytelling of RTL throughout the Bay Area at San Francisco Carnaval, San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival, Black Choreographers Festival, multiple performances at the Malonga Casquelourd Center for the Arts, the University of Oklahoma for the Neustadt Festival honoring a Haitian literary great, Edwidge Danticat, and internationally with Mapou Ginen Haitian Folkloric Dance Troupe in Montreal, Canada. Halima also celebrates the opportunity to teach dance classes in the Bay Area because of these diverse experiences over the years, her skills as an educator, and most importantly, because of her love of Haitian dance and culture. A 2014 Cultural Exchange Trip to Ayiti was the pinnacle of her experiences as past knowledge was given life through the witnessing of Vodou on the soil of Ayiti. She brings reverence for the spirit of Vodou and acknowledgement of the fullness of culture of Ayiti to her own dance and teaching experience.