Arvind Thyagarajan

Cuban Salsa



About Arvind Thyagarajan

Arvind Thyagarajan is a groover. As an assistant instructor with Rueda Con Ritmo, he knows how important that pause on 4 is, but it’s really that pause on 8 he dwells on with relish. 1-2-3-oooyeah-5-6-7-ohmylord. He was born a dancing monkey and is slowly but surely working his way into becoming a dancing human sapien sapien. That’s human double sapien, single monkey, triple step, quadruple booyah, pero con ponche! He first learned casino from the Cubans, and since then he’s also loved dancing, performing, and teaching with the Rueda Con Ritmo crew. Besides being a dance instructor, Arvind is also a visual artist, designer, illustrator, and user experience professional.